UMACS Campus Energy Challenge Results – Lawrence University declared Winner!

By Christopher Droske - Posted on 22 April 2011

 Happy Earth Day!  Today is a day in which campus’s from all over the UMACS conference participate in sustainable and environmentally focused activities.  While many activities around this topic have occurred during the month of April, and especially this week, let us not forget a conference-wide environmental initiative: the UMACS-Campus Energy Challenge!

The goal of this competition was to decrease your campus's heat and electricity usage during the month of February 2011 by competing with other UMACS schools.  Data submitted by each participating campus was base-lined and weather normalized [using heating degree days] using data from the past three Februaries.  The campus with the greatest overall energy savings per capita was determined the WINNER of the UMACS Campus Energy Challenge!

In Third Place with an overall energy reduction of 6.01%: The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

In Second Place with an overall energy reduction of 6.60%: The University of Minnesota-Morris

In First Place with an overall energy reduction of 12.86%: Lawrence University.

If we combine all of our results, the UMACS conference saved an average of 38.47 kWh/person during February 2011.

The total number of participants in the competition was around 80,000 in which ~3 GWh was saved.  This is equal to ~3,000,000 kWh saved during the month of February including electricity and heat.  This is about $180,000 worth of electricity saved at a cost of $0.06/kWh!

Thanks to the seven teams that participated:

Bemidji State University

Century College

Lawrence University

St. Olaf College

The University of Minnesota-Duluth

The University of Minnesota-Morris

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


We look forward to continued support with the competition in future years.

Enjoy your Earth Day!


Thank you,

Christopher Droske



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