Mailing Lists

The UMACS organization hosts several email lists intended to facilitate communication between campuses and individuals in our region. There are three email lists open for subscription:

  • UMACS_ANNOUNCE is a list for announcements related to campus sustainability events such a conferences, meetings, and workshops. The list is actively moderated and is configured as a post-only list (i.e. no replies are allowed) to limit traffic. Daily or weekly digests can be selected as an option.
  • UMACS_DISCUSS is available for open discussion of sustainability-related topics. This is also the place to post questions about practices, resources, etc. for others to respond to. The list is actively moderated.
  • UMACS_SUSTAIN is a list for sustainability coordinators or people in similar positions. It is intended to foster communication between people with job descriptions broadly encompassing campus sustainability, is moderated, and all subscriptions must be approved by the list owner.

The subscription interface screen provides additional options for your subscriptions, the most useful of which is the "digest" option under "subscription type." Select this option if you prefer to receive a days (or week's) worth of posts to the list in a single email, which helps reduce inbox clutter from busy lists. If you wish to unsubscribe from a list, you will find instructions and a place to enter your email address by visiting the links above.

Since all UMACS lists are moderated by humans there may be occasional delays in approving posts, especially over weekends and during holiday periods.

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